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About The Savvy Somm

Jen Monago never liked to stay still for long. Before launching her own business, Jen has worked as a political fundraiser, a communications manager, a part-time teacher and a full time activist and wine enthusiast. Each one of those roles represented a part of who she was – a communicator, a fierce advocate, and her love of sharing and building community. But she wasn’t fulfilled until she decided to put all of those passions together. This non-traditional woman decided to build her own career based on her 20 year love of wine: sharing and teaching, supporting good people doing great things and kicking some ass.

Savvy Somm students say...

Not Your Average Tasting!

by Brooke K.

We had a wonderful time doing a virtual wine tasting with Jen and learned so much about how to properly taste a wine. She has so much energy and is incredibly knowledgeable. This is NOT your average wine tasting at a winery. This is so much more educational and fun! Totally worth the money. Book with her!!

My cousin is amazing.

by Richie C.

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Relaxed + Enjoyable!

by Kimberly H.

Jen hosted a great tasting for us! Her presentation was fun and conversational while still being informative. We had to host our wine tasting virtually and she still made it feel relaxed and enjoyable. Highly recommend.

It's wine for real people.

by Amy D.

The Savvy Somm is a breath of fresh air in the wine world. Her events (whether in person or virtual) are for the everyday person to learn how to knowledgeably select, talk about, and taste wine, without being in a pretentious environment. It's wine for real people. Jen makes it easy to understand, relatable, and even works in hilarious pop culture references. I highly recommend her events as a fun date night or group gathering. You'll leave feeling more knowledgeable and eager to learn more.

Fantastic Way to Spend an Evening!

by Hilary S.

My husband and I had a great time at Jen's virtual wine tasting! Even with participants on Zoom and across the country, Jen had everyone talking, laughing, and learning new things. Plus, the wine she introduced us to was great - a fantastic way to spend the evening. We are looking forward to doing it again!

Jen is Super-knowledgeable!

by Erica M.

I had a great time at Jen's Wine Lovers tasting! Jen is super-knowledgeable. I left feeling so much smarter about wine. Thanks for a fun and informative night!

Wine is Tasty...And Can Be Intimidating

I want you to know you are NOT alone.

Look, the world of wine can be intimidating.  It is delicious but sometimes it can be a chore to pick out something you know you are going to like.  You don't want to waste your time and money on a bottle of something gross. 

Whether you're...

  • A person just starting to appreciate wine and tired of buying the same bottle every time.  You want to expand your horizons and try something new with confidence.
  • A wine lover who wants to know how to learn a bit more about wine without the expensive, stuffy classroom setting.
  • Someone looking to become more fluent in wines for those occasional business meetings.
  • A couple looking to have more adventurous wine pairings along with your home cooked meals or dinners out.
  • A gift-giver looking for something new and different experience for your loved ones have this year.

If you saw yourself in any of those descriptions, FANTASTIC. This course was created for you. 

The Savvy Somm Wine Essentials course will give you the tools to appreciate wine and communicate your preferences...and have fun at the same time.

By the end of this course

You will have learned...

  • How to approach wine like a pro and figure out why you like it

  • What makes a wine better than another?

  • Food and wine pairings that work and why they do

  • How to spot key info on a wine label and why it matters. It has nothing to do with the artwork.

  • How to properly serve and store your wine. HINT - most Americans serve wine either too cold or too warm.

  • How to pick your next wine with confidence! No more guessing at the restaurant or wine store.

  • Why a higher price or a "high rating" doesn't always mean it is a better wine...or more importantly, that you will like it.

When you enroll, you get...

  • Three guided modules showing you literally how to take your wine tasting up a notch...or two.
  • Customized tools you will need to assess wine like a pro - complete with an exclusive wine tasting mat, resource guide and more.
  • A complete, step by step approach to tasting wine to help you figure out why you like what you like.
  • Popular food pairings, why they work and how to pick out a wine to go with your food!
  • Updating Shopping Guides from stores like Trader Joe's and Costco with my current top wine picks.
  • Monthly live Q+A Sessions with Jen to answer all your wine-related questions!


Enroll now and you get these additional bonus gifts: a $100 value!

  • An Active Wine Community

    You'll get access to a private Facebook community with fellow students, fellow wine geeks and professionals to make sure you can ask all the wine-related questions you have - no matter how dorky you may think they are!

  • Favorite Wine Resources Guide

    You'll get my updated guide of all my favorite and trusted wine resources - books, websites, wine blogs and more.

  • Tickets Toward a Live Wine Tasting

    Here is your chance to hang out and drink with Jen during one of her LIVE, two hour virtual tastings!

Plus You'll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

I want my customers to be satisfied. If for some reason you don't think you received value for your course, we will refund your purchase.


  • Does this include the wine?

    No, but a list will be provided with recommended wine for the tasting portion of the course.

  • I don't know anything about wine, is this going to be too advanced for me?

    YES! This course was designed for you and folks who want to take their wine knowledge a little further.

  • I have taken formal classes through WSET, CMS, etc. Can I take this course?

    If you have taken and completed formal certification courses through programs such as the WSET, CMS or other certification body, this is NOT the course for you.

  • Is this a live class?

    No. This class has recorded modules so you can take the class at your own time in your own pace. There will be opportunities to ask Jen questions during her live Q+As or through our Facebook community.

Still thinking about it?

You should give The Savvy Somm Wine Essentials course a 14-day risk free shot if you are motivated by any of the following:

  • Saving money by buying wine you will actually like!
  • Knowing what to do when it comes to wine during a business dinner
  • Learning about wine without spending a fortune on stuffy classes you don't need.

You know you want to do this.

I personally cannot wait to be your personal sommelier

Don't wait any longer to learn a little more about something that brings you joy. I waited 20 years to finally put my money where my heart was and become a sommelier. Come learn what has taken me years of experience and countless hours of test-taking to learn. You'll be so glad you did.